Mobile Computing and Innovative Applications with Jadavpur University Organizes

IEEE Sponsored 2nd International Conference

Applications and Innovations in Mobile Computing (AIMoC 2015)

February 12 - February 14, 2015 - Kolkata, India
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List of Accepted Papers
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1570057383 A novel encounter based trust evaluation for AODV routing in MANET
1570062205 Performance Analysis of Cooperative Systems Using Majority Decision Rule in Nakagami-m Fading Channel
1570063855 Enhanced ZigBee Tree Addressing for Flexible Network Topologies
1570064075 A Distributed Approach towards Trusted Cloud Computing Platform
1570064367 An Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
1570064509 Cluster-based Comb-Needle Model for Energy-efficient Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
1570064643 Multi Criteria Routing in Wireless Sensor Network using Weighted Product Model and Relative Rating
1570064839 Multiple Sink Deployment in Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks to Enhance Lifetime
1570064843 Employing Cooperative Group Mobility Model for Mobile Target Tracking in MWSN
1570064847 Tracking Context of Smart Handheld Devices
1570064859 Event Boundary Detection and Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
1570064861 Gathering of Asynchronous Mobile Robots in a Tree
1570064863 Detection of Node-Misbehavior using Overhearing and Autonomous Agents in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
1570064985 Secure Sensor Data Management Model in a Sensor-cloud Integration Environment
1570065041 Energy-Efficient Data Transmission Scheme in Sensor-Cloud
1570067821 Comparison of Different Active Inductor Topologies on Two Stage UWB CMOS LNA
1570071669 A Robust Remote User Authentication Scheme Resistant to Known Session Specific Temporary Information Attack
1570072219 Design and Implementation of a Time Synchronization-free Distributed Localization Scheme for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network
1570072639 A Location Based Mobility Prediction Scheme for Post Disaster Communication Network using DTN
1570072701 Adapting Mobility of Observers for Quick Reputation Assignment in a Sparse Post-Disaster Communication Network
1570072703 Location Estimation of Wireless Sensor Nodes using a few Beacon Nodes in a 2-D Geographical Area
1570072713 Cross Layer QoS Aware Multi Rate Multi Path Routing Protocol for Ad hoc Network
1570072863 Congestion Avoidance Topology in Wireless Sensor Network using Karnaugh Map
1570073061 A Two-Level Mapping to Mitigate Congestion in Machine to Machine (M2M) Cloud
1570073085 An IPv6 based Hierarchical Address Configuration Scheme for Smart Grid
1570073115 Spatial Query Handling in Semantic Web Application: An Experience Report
1570073157 Functionality Analysis of Centralized CR Network With Integrated Femtocell Under the Presence of PU
1570073165 An analytical method to identify social ambassadors for mobile service providers' brand page on Facebook
1570073189 Multihop Balanced Energy Clustering for Wireless Sensor Network
1570073195A Comparative Study of Paging Techniques for Diurnal Mobility in Dual Homed Cellular Networks
1570073197 Optimized HMIPv6 (O-HMIPv6): Reducing Handoff Latency in HMIPv6 Networks
1570073795 An Event-driven University Campus Navigation System on Android Platform

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